Saturday, February 16, 2013


I am feeling a very strong disconnect between the words of Jesus and the whole structure of the church (Catholic / Anglican etc). I cannot see the justification for the amount of money the church hordes. How much good could be done with that money? The church hordes money, and has incredible wealth in buildings etc and yet takes more from the people. 

I can see no link between the man that was Jesus and the robes that Priests and Vicars wear. 

In my mind it's becoming more than a disconnect, it's becoming a chasm. 

When I think of Jesus, he was a man who had no possessions, no ego, what he had he gave away, he did not wear special clothes. 

Then I think of the gargantuan structure of the church and I cannot see a link.

Just imagine if the next Pope did a Bill Gates and gave away 90% of the wealth of the church. How much good would that do? 

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