Friday, December 6, 2013

Did that really happen?

I've just started a new blog called "soundtrack of my youth" which I plan to be a series of short autobiographical stories of my childhood that I could share with my children. I have no family at all - no parents, siblings, aunts etc so I am the only source of historical information for my children. As I was setting up the blog I decided to close this one down. I felt my faith journey had come full circle back to agnostic/atheism. I hadn't posted for a while and feel I had nothing to say. 

When I was writing the blog I recalled a film we had seen at school about a quadriplegic woman who had become paralysed aged 17 in a diving accident. On the one hand it was a moment from my past but on the other hand, out of all the years at school it was one of the few things I remembered. I recalled feeling cynical at the time that this was a paralysed woman who was happy. The subliminal message I was sure the nuns were giving us was that only our brains would bring us happiness, not the pursuit of carnal pleasures. 

Well, in sharing this blog, my friend Jane remembered her name, it was Joni. A quick google search and I had not only found the woman but the video too. And then I felt the pangs of guilt for closing this page down. I feel embarrassed and awkward about my "faith" journey. All my "clever" friends bar 3 are atheists (& one of them in my vicar & the other his his wife LOL).

So I've put this blog back up, knowing that some who read it will sneer at me and think less of me. Anyway, to get to the point  - here is the story of Jony Earikson Tada who it turns out is an evangelical Christian. 

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